About Us

Bazooka folding beach cruiser bike with carbon belt drive

Bikes have always been a hobby of ours, at least ever since we were little kids riding through and around our neighborhoods back in the day. In the late 1990’s though, our love of bikes was taken to another level when we were swept up in the amazing Southern California beach culture and life style. And for this reason, we have decided to completely revamp the cruiser bikes by turning them into the world’s fist and only Folding Beach Cruiser Bike.

In 2000, Bazooka Bikes company formed out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada; where we began selling our bikes via local retailers. As demand grew and online presence got stronger, we have shifted selling our bikes online to meet the bikers demand and love globally.

Our company was initially designing and manufacturing a mix of small and large wheel folding bikes from 14" to 700 cc wheels throughout the years and have shipped thousands of folding bikes around the globe to happy bikers.

In 2017 Bazooka Bikes decided to revamp its bicycles by changing its vision on making folding bikes differently. 

Our Vision consists of the following 5 elements:

1- Build Only Full-Sized Folding Bikes. Just Like conventional bikes but with a folding frame that can fit in most cars trunks, closets or any other places that no conventional bikes can fit into.
2- Have the smoothest gearing system by using Internal Shimano Nexus Hubs.

3-Making our bikes much lighter and cleaner by using Carbon Belt Drive system instead of the same old greasy chain.
4- Build our bikes with Highest Standard components and material like Shimano Nexus Hub, Gates Belt Drive and Aluminum Frames 
5- Create amazing and unique bikes to make others envious.

Our First Belt Drive Beach Cruiser "California" was born in 2018. It is the world's first and only Cruiser Bike that folds and has Gate Drive Belt System.

Bazooka Bikes company is at the forefront of producing really cool, simple folding cruiser bicycles that are comfortable, durable and reliable. We love our bikes and are very proud of them, but that will never stop us from continually looking to improve in whatever way we can. Having said that, we stand 100% behind our bicycles. Once you hop on board with us at Bazooka Bikes, we promise to do all in our power to keep you moving happy forever. Not only will you get a great looking bike that will perfectly supplement your lifestyle and save your space by half, but you will get a fun, quality bike that that can also last a lifetime.

 Enjoy your Ride | Fold your Bike | Save Your Space